The massive wave of has just started. Thank you all for making it a success.

4 Days. 3 Themes. 16,000 Participants. 40+ Journalists.  54 Keynotes.  1,000,000+ Impressions. 10,000+ Engagements. 127 Articles. 1 AI Index. 2 Reports. 1 AI Research Center. 1 Guinness Record. 1 Website Award.

October 12-16, 2020

               We have concluded four immensely insightful days at the Virtual Summit, powered by Intel – where in partnership with academia (IIIT-H, CBSE, and ISB), civic society (Public Health Foundation of India), and the government (Government of Telangana, and several departments of Government of India), we set to build and rollout AI solutions at population scale.  

A big thank you for the invaluable work multiple teams have put in for the research and the commitment all made in entering in this partnership to drive change at population scale for humanity.

In the four days, gave a glimpse of what India is doing now and what it can do in the future. It saw the successful inauguration of the INAI Research Centre focussed on solving challenges in health, smart mobility and education; as well as inaugurated the AI for Youth symposium focussed on training students, professionals, and researchers on AI. Not to forget, during the Summit, we made a Guinness World Record of the maximum number of students to take an AI lesson online.

The power of AI is exponential, and what better way than to use it to impact and enrich lives across the globe. This dream is bigger than each of us, and we have no doubt that together with you we shall carry it to the end. We are very excited to wrap up the Summit on a note of action, hope and commitment.

Let’s continue to be inspired and reimagine how people and data can change the world and make it a better place.

Warm Regards,

Nivruti Rai
Country Head, Intel India
4 Days.
3 Themes.
16,000 Partipants.
40+ Journalists.
54 Keynotes.
253+ Questions asked.
1,000,000+ Impressions.
127 Articles.
1 AI Index.
2 Reports.
1 AI Research Center.
1 Guinness Record.
1 Website Award.

Launch of ‘Impact of AI on the Indian Labour Market’.

Intel and Indian School of Business released report: The impact of AI on the Indian Labor Market. The study assesses the size and scope of the impact of AI on businesses, including shifts in the quantum and nature of employment and human capital development.

This Intel press release AI is Essential to India’s Future of Work, Study Finds” gives executive summary of the findings of the report.

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Launch of ‘India’s first Applied AI Research Center — INAI’.

The first-of-its-kind Applied AI Research center, INAI, will focus on leveraging AI to help solve complex challenges in healthcare and smart mobility, with the goal of driving entrepreneurship and the democratization of AI in India and abroad.

To celebrate the opening, INAI and IITH staff came together with K. T. Rama Rao, Minister of IT of Telangana, to officially launch the center and unveil its digital readiness program.

Launch of ‘SAFAR: Safer Actions for Accident Reductions’.

Union Minister for Transportation (Sh. Nitin Gadkari), Karnataka Deputy CM. Laxman Savadi, Executive Director WRI and Nivruti, launched the report titled SAFAR: Safer Actions for Accident Reductions.

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Intel India bags
Guinness Record

Intel and Central Board for Secondary Education (CBSE) set the Guinness World Record for training 13000 school students from class 8 and above on AI in 24 hours during AI for Youth Symposium.

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Keynote Videos

Day 01       Monday, October 12, 2020

Population Scale AI

Day 02       Tuesday, October 13, 2020       6 PM - 9 PM IST

Population Scale Healthcare

Day 03       Wednesday, October 14, 2020      5.30 PM - 8:45 PM IST

The Advent of Smarter Mobility for the Future

Day 04       Thursday, October 15, 2020       6 PM - 9:00 PM IST

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